KA Academy.

Knowledge Agency Academy creates new interaction between front end academia and cutting edge practitioners.

Current available knowledge about information, its role in society, business and private life as well as its impact on environment and development is, despite an abundance of research, still in its infancy.

Many theories debated and deployed today date back a decade or so and do not take into account the most recent developments in information volume and available technology.

In order to support our clients in their endeavor to keep abreast of this high pace development KA Academy provide the following concrete activities:

Training programs and seminars

Collaborative research projects

Diagnostic workshops

Knowledge Agency Academy focuses on leveraging the interaction between front end academia and cutting edge practitioners in this ever growing field of both challenges and opportunities. Our training programs and seminars are regularly updates based on the outcome of the diagnostic workshops and the continuous research. The pinnacle of KA Academy’s competence development efforts is the biennial conference on Society and Information where the most pre-eminent, front-end, research meets the reality in the form of legislators, governments and business.

In practice, KA Academy is:

an attractive meeting place for people who have a common interest in learning, of knowledge development

working with concrete phenomena, developing a holistic approach to IM.

counteracting the inherent conceptual confusion and have close contact with cutting edge knowledge and research.

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