LFV (The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration)

System Wide Information Management

Air Navigation Service Providers around Europe, including LFV, are in need of making more use of their information and digital services when collaborating with their partners. The goal is to lower cost of collaboration and to increase operational efficiency  as well as implementing new concepts for Air Traffic Management that are developed, e.g. in the SESAR program.

Knowledge Agency has provided expertise to LFV, the Swedish Air Navigation Services Provider, regarding System Wide Information Management (SWIM) since 2009.
Support is provided in topics such as concept development, service design, validation & verification, demonstration coordination, governance, project management and requirements management.

Lately, Knowledge Agency is participating in the SWIM Prototype for Digital Services (SPADS) project where the effects of a SWIM implementation is studied through business model analysis, operational case studies and practical implementation of services and API’s. Knowledge Agency has the role of lead architect to identify, design and realise the services used to exchange information between LFV and SWEDAVIA at Arlanda Airport.

Trough implementation of the SWIM concept for digital services, LFV is able to efficiently collaborate and exchange information with its partners, including Airports and Airspace Users.