Regeringskansliet (The Government Offices of Sweden)

Digitalisation and eGovernment

In Sweden, there was no commonly agreed guidance for how government and private organisations should work together to develop the ability to collaborate using digital services. Previous attempts had focused mainly on the technical aspects without considering governance, service orientation and information security.

Knowledge Agency provided strategic advice and expertise support to the eGovernment Delegation, the Swedish Government Offices, in the development of a comprehensive guidance for collaboration using digital services (Sve. Vägledning för Digital Samverkan). Specifically, Knowledge Agency had a leading role in the orientation towards use of services as contracts between the collaborating parties instead of mandating specific technical systems. Knowledge Agency was also responsible for the section on architecture, i.e. how digital collaboration should be described in a consistent way that is understood by all parties.

The guidance was well and broadly accepted by the involved government agencies. It has been used and referred to many times in new digitalisation projects and is maintained as part of a program to accelerate the digitalisation of public services in Sweden.