Skatteverket (The Swedish Tax Agency)

Digital Services Enablement

The Swedish Tax Agency did not have a clear view on what digital services were and how they should be described. Many different types of descriptions existed with different formats and using different terminology.

Knowledge Agency developed and helped establish a framework for Service descriptions to enable digital transformation in line with the Swedish e-delegation guidelines for digital collaboration (Sve. Digital Samverkan). The description framework provides guidance how to describe several key aspects such as business and operational contexts as well as the ability to describe the technical details of the service. This holistic approach ensures that business owners, operational experts and technical specialists can agree on the services to be provided to the agency’s partners as well as internally.

With the framework, the agency can describe services in a common way and also manage the portfolio of digital services in an efficient way. The agency staff now uses a common language when discussing services and is probably the most advanced agency in Sweden when it comes to digitalisation.