EDA (European Defence Agency)

Network Enabled Capabilities

The European Defence Agency were in need of understanding how the could become network-enabled, i.e. how to enhance the collaboration between EU member states and their partners when preparing and performing Crisis Management Operations. A concept for EU NETWORK-ENABLED CAPABILITY (EU NEC) had been developed, but the organisation was lacking a high level overview and an understanding of how the concept could be realised in a practical way.

Knowledge Agency developed a Questions and Answers compendium of baseline information about EU NEC, in order to provide answers to the common questions of “what”, “why”, “when”, “who” and “how” will EU NEC be realized. By providing a common baseline to answer these and other questions, the intentions was to increase the awareness on the concept and to increase the coherency, coordination and speed of implementation of further developments of EU NEC.

Furthermore, Knowledge Agency performed a study for the “EU Network Enabled Capability Practical Guidelines Manual – How to master the three dimensions of NEC – People, Information and Technology”. Knowledge Agency has developed and used a maturity model for Information Management (IM) to help EDA member states to understand how mature they are in information Management practices and technologies and help decide on needed development actions to enhance their capabilities.

The Questions and Answers compendium, Practical Guidelines Manual and Information Management Maturity Model are used to support a coordinated capability development, including Information Management and Service-Oriented Architecture within the European disaster and emergency management authorities.