Försvarsmakten (The Swedish Armed Forces)

CIO Information Management Strategy. Network Information Infrastructure (NII) definition and design

The Swedish Armed Forces was establishing a new CIO department at the supreme commander staff, and were in need of complementing the CIO organisation with definition of roles and responsibilities as well as identifying reference models within the Information Management arena.  Swedish Armed Forces also had a need of an architecture of a secure network information infrastructure supporting the Information Management strategy.

Knowledge Agency provided strategic advice within the field of Information Management through an extensive commitment lasting over a period of several years. Knowledge Agency supported the strategic set up and definitions of a Information Management Strategy and  Networking Information Infrastructure (NII).
Knowledge Agency was also involved in setting up the new CIO department by defining processes and procedures explaining and clarifying the work needed to be done within the framework of the CIO responsibilities regarding IT and Information Systems. This in order to support Swedish Armed Force´s operations and development in the best way.
The Network Information Infrastructure target architecture developed by Knowledge Agency provided a rationale, coordination and holistic view of the infrastructure. This included a reference model and governing principles that were followed throughout the development of the entire NII as well as the Armed Forces information and communication systems.
Using the Knowledge Agency deliverables, the Armed Forces could implement the NII in a coordinated way while ensuring that the strategic objectives of the organisation were met. The new CIO department was successfully established as an important function of the enterprise.