ENAV (The Italian Civil Aviation Authority)

Validation & Verification

ENAV, the Air Navigation Service Provider in Italy has an advanced platform for Validation and Verification. As an example, it is widely used in the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) program. While the platform is very comprehensive it did lack the ability to test and simulate services in accordance to the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concept.

Knowledge Agency, in collaboration with tool supplier BnearIT, supported ENAV in installing, adapting and training in STRAX, a service validation tool. The tool includes functions for testing compliance of SWIM services, recording and replaying service data as well as simulating service providers and consumers.
STRAX can be used in combination with Industry Based Platforms, prototype systems and other simulators. It handles multiple types of communication strategies such as DDS, SOAP/RestFul Web Services and AMPQ in accordance with the blue and yellow Swim Technical Infrastructure Profiles specified in SESAR.

ENAV can now use the solution in various types of activities. During concept development it can be used to try new services and different scenarios.  During validation and verification it can ensure that the prototype services are implemented as they should and create a realistic validation environment. It can also be used to quickly set up different demonstration environments and scenarios to show the benefits of a service-oriented approach.