Travel & Transport.

Enhancing transportation through efficient use of information.

Moving people and goods across the globe has become a foundation of our society but in order to do this efficiently there is a need to also move and manage information. The transportation system is complex with its many actors and therefore it is of outmost importance to share information to create a common situational picture. The right information need to be available to the right actor at the right time.

At Knowledge Agency we help our customers to enhance their ability to plan, execute and follow up their transportation operations through better use of information and data. We perform strategic analysis, develop new operational concepts, set architectures and guide organisations in their transformation of business, organization and technology.

We have, as part of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) programme, made significant contributions to the development of key transformational enablers such as the European Air Traffic Management Architecture (EATMA) and System Wide Information Management (SWIM).