Defence & Crisis Management.

Information for societal protection.

For ages it has been common knowledge that information plays a significant role in battle. Having more accurate information than opponents gives a clear advantage, but disinformation is also a powerful tool to obscure the other party’s situational awareness. To this day and age, the power of information is evident to military forces as well as private actors and non-government organizations in their mission to protect national security and manage crisis and disasters.

At Knowledge Agency we support our clients in realizing the value of information at all levels of operation, from strategic planning to tactical execution of missions. We frequently work with assessments and concept development to further enhance our customer’s ability to use, share and protect information to achieve higher degrees of operational efficiency and interoperability.

Over the years we have participated in several large national and multinational transformation programs and developed methods and frameworks to assess maturity of information management and develop target architectures to support the efficient execution of transformation.