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The Knowledge Agency Unplugged Vision for Aviation 1.05

This vision is not trying to change the world or in particular the air space above. It does not propose structural changes leading to infringements of national sovereignty, or chains of command, especially in sensitive areas like Air Defence and Air Policing. This vision is not proposing to buy new systems from particular providers. It is about a fundamentally new ATM approach to information management already proven in many other sectors. The aim is to make the right information available to different Aviation stakeholders in real time in the most efficient way. A more efficient information management will improve air safety by improving the decision making process in Aviation.

This document has been developed as part of our innovation team in order to demonstrate our knowledge within ATM and to act as a stimulus to dialogues between us and our existing and future clients. As such, it will probably not come true in all parts, but it highlights some of the important topics that we believe should be further discussed and explored among the ATM stakeholders. We believe that there are many interesting business opportunities for all types of stakeholders.

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