What we do.

The knowledge we handle & provide to our customers comprises one area only, namely management of information.
Within this area, however, we possess world-class competence.

Society and information is one of the most challenging and potentially valuable interactions currently addressed in the public domain. Its impact on people’s well-being, environment and economic prosperity is immeasurable. The current underutilization of information for the good of society is much due to the lack of visions, regulations and common grounds that would support both individuals and governments.

Leveraging hidden values.
By uncovering and leveraging hidden values in organizations and agencies, information management as a discipline promises economic growth for decades to come. The alternative, i.e. to continue as is, is bleak. Knowledge Agency focuses more or less exclusively on this interaction between society and information.  By taking an active part in the public discussion, engaging the best academics and professionals worldwide and being part of large scale development projects, our company is a true knowledge hub for tomorrow’s information management challenges.