Strategy and management of information.

We provide strategic advice on the use and management of business critical information.

  • Vision, Mission, Goal – defining a wanted future state of an enterprises information management to support the overall business strategy.
  • Information strategy – creation of information driven transformation strategies, using best practice methods and our extensive information management knowledge base.
  • Information Business Models – identifying and describing models and opportunities to acquire and profit from sharing digital information with partners and clients.
  • Information Management assessment – understanding the maturity of how information is managed by people, processes and technology in relation to the overall goals. Creation of improvement plans for information management to reach set business objectives.
  • Coaching and training – helping knowledge workers and management improve their information management skills to achieve operational excellence, manage risks, improve systems, and comply with laws and regulations.
  • Information Governance – addressing the management of data and information assets within an enterprise throughout its entire lifecycle. Definition of roles, responsibilities, processes and metrics to assure an effective production, storage, maintenance, control and usage of these assets.