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Our independent specialists publishes numerous papers, both in academia and in business.

We are proud to be able to offer White Papers by some of these specialists, on topics of particular interest within Knowledge Agency’s domains of competence.

Knowledge Management and Information Management – back to their roots. Author: G. Anderbjörk

This paper addresses one of the current billion dollar challenges of large organizations – i.e. how to make optimal use of all information at hand. The bonanza of academic definitions and the never ending stream of ”new” labels on old capabilities, typically offered by large consulting firms, do not help. It is necessary to get back to the roots of the needs and build from there. This paper suggests a definition triad; information – knowledge – algorithm and a usage dualism; decisions and enrichment as the only necessary terms to relate to for the theory building. Further, these five terms areperfectly sufficient for building complete models for both organizational architectures and computer aided tools for information management and all derivatives of that label.

The value of information the quest for ROI in organization models and software investments. Author: G. Anderbjörk

This paper describes a model for valuation of information in a corporation. The model can be used to evaluate the efficiency of both software investments and organizational changes from a perspective of information management.

There is too much of “T” in IT and too much “R” in HR. Author: G. Anderbjörk

This paper describes a value destructing culture and the difference between many IT and HR departments in large organizations. The fact that IT departments tend to focus on technology rather than information and HR departments tend to focus on the legal aspects of personnel management rather than competence and knowledge transfer is a continual challenge to overcome.

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