Digitalisation of society and businesses.

We help organisations transform and unlock the true value of digital information.

  • Digitalisation strategy – helping our clients assess, shape strategies and create plans for their digital transformation. We frequently use an Enterprise Architecture approach to ensure that all aspects of an enterprise are considered, ranging from business models, capability and performance, operations, services and technical aspects.
  • Concept development and validation – supporting our clients in the development of new business, operational and technical concepts that help them better utilise their information to reach new markets, improve efficiency and decrease costs.
  • Information Architecture – creating descriptions of information and data structures that help our clients speak a common language, understand what information is needed in their business processes and where their data is stored.
  • Process optimisation – defining roles and describing what information they are expected to produce, to whom and when gives the possibility to optimise internal and external collaboration while maintaining freedom for stakeholders to determine their own optimal way of working internally.
  • API enablement & Service Orientation – identification and design of digital services and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that are used to enable collaboration with clients, partners and suppliers. Furthermore, we help our clients in establishing governance and life cycle management of their service portfolios.
  • Practical demonstrations – planning and facilitating demonstrations of real life examples of digitalisation in our client’s business helping them to bring key messages and demonstrate feasibility to senior management.