(Swedish only) Knowledge Agency kommer under hösten 2018 presentera en helt ny utbildning – GO DIGIT.

Knowledge Agency joins The Lindholmen Software Development Day (May 29, 2018) as one of the main sponsors.

Knowledge Agency joins The Lindholmen Software Development Day (May 29, 2018) as one of the main sponsors. Lindholmen is a neutral arena for cross-industry knowledge sharing in software development.

The Lindholmen Software Development Day is a collaboration between Ericsson, Chalmers, University of Gothenburg, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, Cybercom, Ascom, Combitech, HiQ, Knowledge Agency, Zenuity, Business Region Göteborg, SKF, Swedsoft and Lindholmen Science Park. The event offers cutting edge open seminars and a meeting place for industry, academia and society. Meet researchers, business developers, employees, entrepreneurs and students in the field. The Lindholmen Software Development Day is an enabler for collaboration to bring future success in software development in Sweden.  Read more here: https://softwareday.lindholmen.se/en

The European ATM Architecture Framework and European ATM Portal is recognised by major stakeholders.

The European ATM Architecture Framework (EATMA) and European ATM Portal (eATM portal) that Knowledge Agency has helped develop is recognised by major stakeholders to be an instrumental part in the modernising of Europe’s Air Traffic Management.

The framework enables projects to collaborate with other projects and input their solution data, develop modelling operational scenarios and customise dashboards allowing experts to follow progress on solutions. The entire information is shared throughout the programme via the eATM web portal which is fed with data from the underlying architecture repository.

“It is very encouraging to see that the efforts spent on developing and implementing the framework in the SESAR programme is generating such great value to the programme and the ATM stakeholders. We are very proud to be one of the contributors in this massive-scale architecture effort and look forward to continue our collaboration with EUROCONTROL and the other SESAR partners throughout the SESAR 2020 programme and further.” says Niklas Häggström, Senior Consultant and Partner at Knowledge Agency.

Read the official communication from SESAR Joint Undertaking on Modernising air traffic management in Europe – the integrated way here.

Next generation architecture for e-health

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting), has acquired Inera AB to strengthen and accelerate the digitalisation in the local authorities and regions. Utilising Ineras long experience in providing e-health related services at a national level, the intention is to further expand to regions and local authorities and other domains such as social care and education.

One of the key enablers for this digital transformation is the Architecture function at Inera as it provides guidelines and facilitates collaboration between the actors, including regions, local authorities, private actors and citizens.

Knowledge Agency has been contracted to support Inera in developing and implementing the next generation architecture framework and act as mentors to architects in the various organisations. The framework includes a description of the digital ecosystem, processes and methods for architecture development, architecture description guideline etc. Architectures encompass reference and target architectures that range from strategic business architecture to architectures of technical platforms and services for information exchange.

Evaluation of concept for ontology based information management

Knowledge Agency has been contracted by Vinnova, Sweden’s government agency for innovation, to assess and evaluate a novel concept for an ontology based information management platform. The concept introduces a way to manage knowledge in an ontological format which is linked to actual data. This allows efficient discovery of data and provides the ability to anonymise it and for a data owner to control who has access to the data, irrespectively of where it is stored. The objective is to determine whether the concept can be applied at a national or even global level, starting from a practical example application in the medicine informatics area.

Extension of Dometic engagement

The contract with Dometic has been extended for Knowledge Agency to provide support to the establishment of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) function in the company. Knowledge Agency will act as interim lead Enterprise Architect with responsibility of developing the EA practice, and to support the CIOs at group and regional levels as well as strategic projects to accelerate the digital transformation that the company is performing.

KA will present at the Royal Aeronautical Society Conference

Knowledge Agency will present at the Royal Aeronautical Society Conference – Modelling & Simulation in Air Traffic Management. The Conference is held in London November 14-15, 2017. Knowledge Agency will be giving a presentation entitled “Simulated SWIM services in ATM”. Other speakers represents organisations such as NASA, MITRE, FAA and EUROCONTROL.

KA sign a new contract to support mobile living products manufacturer Dometic

Knowledge Agency signs new a contract to support mobile living products manufacturer Dometic in their IT Architecture Review Board. Dometic is rapidly transforming their business and IT landscape, including implementation of a new global ERP System which requires expert support in the areas of Enterprise and IT-Architecture.

KA has been awarded procurement to deliver a new Information Management education at University level.

Knowledge Agency has, in cooperation with Clever Collaboration Group Europe (CCG), been awarded the University of applied Science in Mölnlycke (Yrkeshögskolan Mölnlycke) public procurement “Developer/Coordinator for Information Security”, an Information Management education at University level.

The 2-year program is the first of its kind in Sweden, and several of Sweden’s largest companies, including Ikea, Volvo and Postnord, support the education. The program comprises two complete courses, both 2-year at 50% speed, starting in autumn 2017 and 2018 respectively and contains subjects like information security, leadership and project management.

Upon completion, the students should be attractive in the following roles: CIO / IT Manager, IT Project Manager, Information Officer and Security Advisor.