The European ATM Architecture Framework and European ATM Portal is recognised by major stakeholders.

The European ATM Architecture Framework (EATMA) and European ATM Portal (eATM portal) that Knowledge Agency has helped develop is recognised by major stakeholders to be an instrumental part in the modernising of Europe’s Air Traffic Management.

The framework enables projects to collaborate with other projects and input their solution data, develop modelling operational scenarios and customise dashboards allowing experts to follow progress on solutions. The entire information is shared throughout the programme via the eATM web portal which is fed with data from the underlying architecture repository.

“It is very encouraging to see that the efforts spent on developing and implementing the framework in the SESAR programme is generating such great value to the programme and the ATM stakeholders. We are very proud to be one of the contributors in this massive-scale architecture effort and look forward to continue our collaboration with EUROCONTROL and the other SESAR partners throughout the SESAR 2020 programme and further.” says Niklas Häggström, Senior Consultant and Partner at Knowledge Agency.

Read the official communication from SESAR Joint Undertaking on Modernising air traffic management in Europe – the integrated way here.